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Vision systems for dimensional checking

Vision systems for dimensional checking

DIN rail manufacturing is regulated by CEI EN 50022 rule, which fixes very strict tolerances for rail dimensions. Manual inspections with ordinary tools (like centesimal calipers) are affected by errors and unreliability of measurements: even the force used to handle the caliper can alter the final value. Here comes the need of checking rail dimensions in a reliable way.


using a contact-less measuring device like a vision system. High definition images are acquired through a big telecentric lens to avoid distortions and with proper exposure thanks to a special designed LED lighting. In a couple of seconds the vision system make available all the requested measurements (height, width, thickness, internal distances and so on) with extreme accuracy (±0.03mm), marking in red color those out of tolerances.


with our device is now possible to: -check in few seconds all dimensions at a time; -count on a reliable and repeatable measuring device; -provide final Customers with checked products; -avoid wasted batches or returns for non-compliance.


This system has been designed as on off-line sample quality control, to perform several dimensional and geometrical checks on a DIN rail section according to CEI EN 50022. These operations should otherwise be carried out manually with wasting of time and low reliability. The device is very simple to be manually used by an ordinary operator:
– lock the rail with two quick clamps;
– select rail profile (“high” or “flat” one) whit the proper selector;
– push the “start test” button; -read results available on video (wrong ones marked red) or have a look to the lamps: red means waste while green stands for good;
– push the “reset” button to close the test. If any dimension of the inspected DIN rail is outside tolerances the gap from theoretical measure is reported on video.
The tolerance of each checked dimension can be freely changed directly on the screen and stored for an easy reuse: this gives the operator the ability of adjusting the system to be suitable for different regulations (SCC, GOST R, JISC, …).

DUEPi can supply customized vision systems for every checking needs and also integrate them directly in production lines for a 100% testing, even in case of extremely high production rate.

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