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Transfer line CISA Spa

Transfer line for the production of cylinders for locks CISA SpA
The company CISA SpA, part of the ALLEGION Group, had as its objective the realization with a single system of all the operations necessary for the finishing of its cylinders for locks, such as cutting the ring nut, corking, inserting the anti-drill pin, chamfering, satin finishing , incision, so as to be able to increase construction precision and production flexibility and to reduce the incidence of labor.

To realize its flexible finishing line for cylinders for locks, the company CISA SpA has entrusted DUEPi Srl which has created a transfer line whose main characteristics are precision and production flexibility. All the processes envisaged – from the cutting of the ring nut to the capping, from the insertion of the anti-drill plug to the satin finishing up to the laser engraving of the logos and the specific regulations – were gathered within 22 stations, made using linear and logic motors programmable OMRON of the latest generation. In this way, Cisa can connect to the most well-known company databases directly, download recipes and at the same time load statistical data relating to production and traceability. Compliance with the geometric specifications is the element that has guided much of the development of the movements. The distance from the chamber, the execution of the ring nut cutting, the drilling for the anti-drill pin, the capping and satin finishing operations must be subject to very tight tolerances, in many cases less than one hundredth of a millimeter. This aspect has led us to conceive an innovative system transport based on the use of linear motors instead of the classic pallet: this choice has allowed to eliminate at the root all the wear problems that a traditional kinematic chain entails over time, with all that follows in terms of precision.

A finished piece every 7.5 seconds The integration of all finishing operations in a single transfer line has allowed Cisa to increase productivity, decrease waste and drastically reduce the number of operators needed for supervision. But above all, it allowed the Faentina company to have almost total control over all the processing phases. The line is capable of turning out a finished cylinder every seven and a half seconds, offering real piece traceability within the various processes and a guarantee of one hundredth of a mm on tolerances. The ability of the system to manage itself according to the piece is decisive in this sense: each cylinder arrives as a semi-finished product with its specific tolerances and is transformed according to the specifications elaborated by the machine.

Above all, they are the first two stations – those assigned to read the chamber portion – to imprint the process. It is in this phase that the measurement of the heights that will be used by the system to calibrate the subsequent processing phases takes place: the distance between the chamber and the opposite face (for both sides), the distance between the two faces of the central opening and the distance between the front surface and the chamber. The system knows at all times where to take the cylinder and where it is from the machining. This is made possible by a sort of identity card that is combined with the piece and accompanies it throughout all stages of processing. A solution that allows you to manage each piece, with its tolerances, station by station, without accumulating errors along the entire route. The cork insertion phase is equally accurate, created by three stations capable of filling up to a maximum of 12 holes (max. 4 corks per station) in 4 and a half seconds, simultaneously managing 4 different cork models. Furthermore, during the insertion phase, the planting force is checked, a value that is stored in a data base. In this way, Cisa has an additional check on the interference that guarantees the seal between the hole and the plug, a fundamental parameter to ensure the proper functioning of the cylinder. Always in Cisa, the marking of the logo on the cylinder heads was made as the tradition of the sector required: a mechanical coining. DUEPi acknowledged the need to innovate expressed by Cisa and, in total break with the past, has integrated two highly efficient laser marking systems in the line. In this way it was possible to create much sharper and more detailed logos, with a remarkable visual impact, thus giving new tools also to Cisa Marketing. Furthermore, from a production point of view, the residual tensions left by coining in the cylinder matrix have been eliminated, in an area where many processes are already concentrated: this has meant a significant increase in the quality of the products. The attached video was kindly granted to us by the CISA company and was created by the OMRON company with which DUEPi collaborated for the realization of the transfer line described above.

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