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Screwing robots

Screwing robots

current safety regulations imposes to eliminate Personnel fatigue and physical stresses but Market is demanding more and more high production rate and flexibility. Moreover quality, taken for granted in industrial manufacturing, is hard to control in manual production.


our fully automatic screwing robotic cell which can entirely replace manual operators. High speed screw supply is performed in automatic to the robot so the operator is just assigned to parts loading and assembled devices unloading: this means definitely eliminating fatigue and stress for Personnel. Robot path is optimized ponit-to-point to save times and this increases production rate. In case of new articles, new screw positions can be easily taught to the robot by the operator and saved in the controller memory for future uses.


a brief list of strong points is:
– high production rate;
– manual fatigue and operator stress are eliminated;
– manpower is reduced to loading and unloading with sensible costs saving;
– accuracy and quality are increased to competitive industrial requirements;
– easiness in training new articles means maximum flexibility.


a robust welded frame is the base for an anthropomorphic robot wich is equipped with an high speed spindle. A vibrating bowl supply screws, one of which at a time is shot by a pneumatic carrier to the robot spindle. Two working areas let the loading and unloading operations to be safely carried out by the operator in the one, while robot is screwing parts in the other: at the end of cycle the functions are reversed. All the screwing operations are performed by the robot and so all manual efforts are eliminated. Movements from point to point are optimized to save time and to achieve an high production rate: this means competitiveness. Robot is responsible for accuracy and the spindle operates torque control on each screw: all that leads to quality improvement.

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