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MIG welding robots

MIG welding robots

Market requests for high tech products lead our Customer to the development of welded frames with more and more complex shapes. Moreover customized products are easier to be sold than ordinary ones and so model range is becoming wider and wider. A manual manufacturing is inadequate to satisfy these requirements preserving quality and production rate, not considering that skilled labors can make costs rise.


the design of a customized welding cell. A 6 axes robot manages the MIG welding system and is served by a special device with 2 working areas: one is for loading and unloading tasks and the other for automatic parts welding. At the end of cycle the areas are reversed. As the operator is assigned to simple manual handling tasks, no particular skills are required and welding quality is granted by a reliable automatic welding system. Moreover robot is not afraid of hard working and its accuracy is uniform all day long.


strong points can be summarized as:
– no skilled labors required: this means costs saving;
– quality requirements are satisfied by well proven automatic systems;
– accuracy and repeatability are now taken for granted;
– production scheduling can count on reliable timing.


this welding cell is designed to produce frames for lifting platforms. The production cycle is divided in two steps: subgroups welding and final assembly welding. In one working area parts are welded to make subgroups, which are joined together in the other side to form the complete assembly. New geometries can be manufactured simply replacing interchangeable equipments with their benchmarks and training new welding paths. Easiness in plant management, sensors for gas and wire check and the possibility of on-line changing both locations and welding parameters lead to production process optimization and labour reduction. High welding quality and robot accuracy allow waste reduction, reliable timing and costs saving.

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