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Color enamel paint, glue and sealant dispensing on 3D surface

Color enamel paint, glue and sealant dispensing on 3D surface

we design this machine for semiprecious metal gifts manufacturing (that is photo frame, sacred images, …), but its application has been proved useful in many other fields. Semiprecious gifts are expected to be good-looking and high quality objects but at a very affordable price. Color enamel painting is intended to satisfy the market demands of more and more aesthetically appealing products, but so far this working is performed only by high-cost manual labors with great artistic skills and accuracy. Moreover manual production rate is not enough to satisfy market request.


our machine is designed to solve the problem with high accuracy, high production rate and low working costs. A working tool with 7 available colors let every aesthetic requirement to be fulfilled. Great care is taken in enamel dispensing which can be dynamically regulated by software: no smudges or incomplete color coverages are tolerated. The high performance CNC unit is compatible with all CAD-CAM softwares and so technical office can easily generates ISO programs with few mouse clicks: even small production batches can be satisfied in a short time. Powerful linear motors are responsible for movements accuracy and speed, with no hesitations even during hard accelerations: this let the color to be dispensed smoothly and continuously. A strong Cartesian configuration and an heavy base cut drastically out vibrations for a final look without marks. A vacuum system let pieces to be easily loaded on both the available working areas.


some strong points catch the eye: -improving quality and industrializing the production of goods for which manual skill seemed to be irreplaceable;
– performing competitive industrial production rate;
– few manpower required for simple loading/unloading operations, which means saving costs;
– high accuracy in enamel dispensing: best color filling even in sharp edges, manually inaccessible;
– maximum flexibility: each new article requires few click on a CAD-CAM software to generate the new ISO program;
– up to 7 different colors are available to decorate a single article.


the machine presents 2 working areas one of which is held for painting, while the other is safely free for loading/unloading: at the end of each cycle areas functions are reversed without shutdowns. Items are laid down on a vacuum table with benchmarks and are immediately stuck to it. The working head has a rotating revolver with 8 positions: 1 is taken by a special joystick, while the other 7 are reserved for colors. Each enamel is contained in a tank from which it drains because of air pressure: an electrical opening nozzle is responsible for color dispensing and its pin aperture is regulated by a miniaturized brushless motor. This dispensing system is operated directly by ISO program instructions and so color flow can be adjusted in real time for each single movement. Nozzles points are cleaned before each use in a special brushing station to avoid dry particles release and can be replaced if worn out: after replacement they are automatically calibrated to preserve accuracy by a micro-metric system. Everything is moved by a strong gantry structure, which interpolates 3 axes keeping nozzle point at a constant distance of 0.05mm from object tridimensional surface (accuracy: ±0,01mm). New articles can be easily trained in 2 steps. Firstly few clicks in a CAD-CAM generate the part-program and then the operator teaches to the machine the benchmarks location using a touching stylus like a special joystick: really a child’s play. Directly from the part program and/or on line from the CNC keyboard, a lot of parameters are available to fine tune the whole system to Customer’s requirements: valves aperture, paint supply pressure, working speed, distance from piece surface and so on.

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