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AGV – Automatic Guided Vehicle

AGV – Automatic Guided Vehicle

goods and raw processed materials transport is a fundamental step in actual industrial manufacturing but, without adding value to final products, it generates costs and requests manpower. Moreover it is subjected to human errors: wrong destinations, delays, partial shipments,…

an Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) capable of high performance but on the cheap (medium investment payback time of 1 year), designed by DUEPi Srl just to carry out transport tasks in industrial manufacturing. With its speed and flexibility, our AGV performs its tasks, promptly connecting together different production departments or machines. Easy to use, it gets in your production cycle as it has been there all along. Safety laser devices let the AGV be integrated in areas shared with human workers, without any further protection. The operating logic is customized on your specific requirements, as to let it works with accuracy, promptness and production efficiency: the final aim is to reduce your managing costs. The adhesive magnetic tape requires a very simple installation on your floor and ensures an excellent resistance to abrasion. Moreover simply modifying the magnetic tape layout makes changes on AGV path. A lot of special devices (such as motorized roller conveyors, lifting forks, automatic coupling systems, …) let our AGV solve your transport problems. The AGV can satisfy the calls coming from remote controls or fixed pushbuttons, promptly answering to the Production requests.


the following strong point can be outlined: accuracy, speed (69m/min), efficiency and integrated working safety; reliability, user friendliness and easy installation; minimum outlay, cheap management and short investment payback time(≈1 year); an operating logic customized on your own requirements; a wide range of special equipment, to be suitable for almost all transport activities.


the AGV follows with great accuracy a magnetic adhesive tape on the floor. Its installation is very easy and the path can be simply modified in a few minutes, as to fulfill new production requirements or to be adjusted to new layouts. Of course the tape is resistant to heavy abrasion, as forklift crossing. The AGV operates in complete safety for human beings and can work in areas normally shared with the personnel, without any additional fence or protection: approved laser devices survey the AGV working and check its operating range. Thanks to its original design, our AGV can be equipped with a wide range of special devices, as to fulfill various production requirements: motorized roller conveyors for automatic loading and unloading; interaction/communication systems with other machines/plants of the customer; automatic coupling systems with trolleys: the extreme accuracy of these devices make the AGV suitable for loading/unloading robotized automatic cells; pallet forklift systems; customized devices designed on request. The operating logic and the task priority are completely adjustable to your requirements. The operator can call the AGV by remote controls or by fixed pushbuttons. The same magnetic path and working area can be used by more AGVs at a time. Mechanical and software design are entirely developed by DUEPi Srl staff.

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